Million Dollar Salon was founded in 1982 by me - Neil McCallum CPCS - International Speaker, Author, Trainer, Consultant, and Owner & Creator of Multiple Million Dollar Salons, Salon Chains & Salon Franchises. But it wasn't always that way...

I built my 1st salon way back in 1982 and it turned-over a whopping...16 bucks a day! Just think of it... an entire $16 a day!

Wow! I could retire on that... NOT!!


It wasn't exactly the outcome I thought I would get - I thought that at least I'd be able to pay the wages and rent and bills and things and still have a chunk left over for me! Gees!! Did I have a LOT to learn!


But here's the thing - I wasn't even a hairdresser or beautician, in-fact, apart from starting-out being a complete nincompoop in business - I was a welder! and welding is as far away from hairdressing as you could get!


... and I certainly wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, so I didn't have a lot of money nor any real education in HOW to make a lot of money. 


Getting down to it, I had no idea as to how to run a business, and I knew that not a hairdresser or beautician myself I couldn't actually make any money in the salon, so I had to employ staff to bring the money in.

and as you can probably guess, $16 a day doesn't go a long way in paying wages, rent, stock, electricity etc that is needed to have your own salon business. 

It didn't take long for the bank to start jumping up and down about me not paying loans, and other companies start sending me those RED LETTERS - I was on the brink of bankruptcy, the phone was ringing off the hook with angry people demanding that I pay this bill or that bill, to a point where I became so depressed, frightened and downright low that I contemplated things that I now Thank God I didn't go through with!


But it was right at the time that I was probably at my lowest point - I had lost everything (I was just managing to hang on to the salon by a thread... for now), I was confused, deflated and broke - that I decided to read everything I could on business and personal success.

So I spent all my spare hours (and there wasn't a great deal of those as I worked in my salon during the day washing hair, rinsing, sweeping, answering the phone - you know the drill - and worked at a welding factory during the night), reading business books, going to business seminars and trainers, gathering as much info as I could to try and make my business successful.

So I was working 80 hour weeks, getting very little sleep, running myself into the ground with all the work, the stress and the worry of 'blindly' trying to build a profitable and stress-free salon business.

I was reading around 3 books a week while attending business seminars and workshops when I could, and I discovered that it was blatantly obvious that the real path to salon business and life success was NOT through following the advice of almost all the salon 'coaches' and suppliers (salon suppliers provided most of the training back then). In fact, most times, it was far better and more profitable to do exactly the OPPOSITE to what the salon 'coaches' were telling us to do!


And it also soon became clear that if I could make my salon business WILDLY successful, then I would have a fair chance in discovering how to also make my life much, much better.


So, after years of learning by mistakes, spending HUGE amounts of money (millions of dollars to date) and countless hours going to trainings and coaching around the world, re-structuring this and changing that, getting the good 'oil' on creating a successful business, I finally discovered, through a lot of trial and error, the 'Secret Salon Success Sauce' and went on to create, build and run a salon EMPIRE of multiple Million Dollar Salons, salon chains and franchises. 

My $16 a day business morphed into a multi-Million Dollar Salon business enterprise comprising of multiple, totally managed Million Dollar Salons - ALL on auto-pilot, employing thousands of staff, and making me MONEY!

I can still remember when I made my first million, and I can tell you, the first one was just so sweet!! I had found the answer, and now I had the proof that it works!


Fast forward to today, and I just love sharing this REAL DEAL knowledge with other salon owners on how to create the salon business and life of your dreams , as well being an expert on Leadership, Management and Staff Performance. I still own salons, but they make money without me having to do anything - the managers just follow the Million Dollar Salon strategies and processes, and I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whomever I want, for as long as I WANT! And I CHOOSE to spend a lot of time helping other salon owners! It's like I'm giving back!


Owners of individual salons and salon chains, suppliers as well as large corporations, including Fortune 500 companies, have relied on my expertise as a NO B.S. business consultant and coach to help them grow while improving performance, bottom-line and profitability.

I urge you to leverage and take advantage of my real world experience as a business owner who can 'Walk the Talk', as I know only too well that 'Results Rule', and too few salon 'coaches' actually have what it takes to provide real & proven strategies and solutions to the many salon businesses out there that are struggling in today's salon business environment.

My salon success strategies are tried, tested and proven, and are most of the time contrary to what other salon 'coaches' are teaching - and it's for good reason - they WORK!! These real-world salon solutions have helped thousands of salon owners worldwide create the salon business and life that they always dreamed about. Why don't you join them and let me show the path to REAL salon and life success?




Neil McCallum CPCS
International Speaker, Author, Trainer, Consultant, & Owner/Creator of Multiple Million Dollar Salons, Franchises and Salon Chains

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