Our keynote & seminar facilitator, Neil McCallum CPCS, is the only Certified Professional Corporate Speaker in Australia. He has provided presentations for some of the largest companies in the world before tens of thousands of people,


Neil provides business organisations with highly informative, entertaining and, most importantly, strategically powerful presentations designed to dramatically impact the audience and ignite profound awareness and potential. Neil has been presenting since 1982, has over 35 years of critical 'where-the-rubber-meets-the-road' business knowledge, and creates customised presentations unique to each audience prepared on the requirements of the organisation.


Each presentation seamlessly yet impactfully presents performance-specific solutions, methodologies and strategies with a combination of fact, humor, insights and practical concepts that CEO's, Executives, Business Owners, Managers and Staff can apply immediately to get better results, improve performance, heighten engagement and dramatically improve the bottom line.

Here are just some of the topics covered in these M$S presentations:

(Please note; Our presentations focus on Leadership, Management, Staff Performance, Operations, Marketing and Customer Service, and can be customized to your unique company's requirements)

Creating High Performance Businesses
Neil reveals unique and powerful strategies to business owners in order to create more profitable and motivated staff faster and easier than they ever imagined, particularly in the face of economic uncertainty and instability, changing marketplaces and increased competition. He provides a series of practical, proven methodologies that can be employed to dramatically increase clientele and improve profitability. Business owners discover how to get motivated and stay motivated themselves, and learn how to create highly engaged staff. Our M$S team has trained more than 3,000 business owners around the world with these strategies.

High-Performance Management & Leadership
Neil reveals a series of proven strategies that business owners and managers can immediately employ to achieve dramatically improved performance and  results in their business. They learn how to think strategically,

lead staff more effectively, select the right people, communicate effectively and build

peak performing teams. This presentation is highly informative, loaded with content,

 and is both entertaining and motivational. M$S has presented this program to

thousands of business owners and managers worldwide.

Attracting Clients, and Retaining them!
Learn the unique ‘Salon Doctor®’ technique of discovering why your business

isn’t growing as quickly, or at all, as you would like, and exactly what you need to do

about it. Get real client growth solutions in a fast-moving series of methods, strategies

and techniques every business owner should apply in strategic areas of their business.

Learn the keys to client retention and sustained client growth. This presentation

contains the best ideas for client attraction and retention ever discovered, and is

proprietary to M$S.

"I can honestly say that Neil's impact is still resonating three months after he spoke at our National Sales Conference and....the sales results are staggering!"
Nick Manfield, National Sales Manager, Napoleon Perdis
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"Neil McCallum has been a "breath of fresh air" for us in Australia and New Zealand. His professional single minded "can do" approach has succeeded in changing the mindset of a mature sales team. His enthusiasm and candour in identifying issues within our organization has resulted in a much improved approach by the sales team to their respective jobs, with an impressive corresponding increase in performance and productivity in our teams.

Neil has worked with Australia and New Zealand, focusing on staff motivation, customer focus, getting and keeping new business, growing clients business, and strategic planning with preferred supplier.

Neil has, and continues to work with our Sales teams in both countries in developing and clarifying strategic approach, rapidly obtaining new accounts and continuing to be instrumental in growing turnover."

David Kennedy




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