Million Dollar Salon clients include thousands of salons and salon chains, salon suppliers and numerous other industry-related organisations, companies, individuals and groups world-wide. Some of the larger companies with whom we have been associated include:

"Neil McCallum has been a "breath of fresh air" for us in Australia and New Zealand. His professional single minded "can do" approach has succeeded in changing the mindset of a mature sales team. His enthusiasm and candour in identifying issues within our organization has resulted in a much improved approach by the sales team to their respective jobs, with an impressive corresponding increase in performance and productivity in our teams. 

Neil has worked with Australia and New Zealand, focusing on staff motivation, customer focus, getting and keeping new business, growing clients business, and strategic planning with preferred supplier.

Neil has, and continues to work with our Sales teams in both countries in developing and clarifying strategic approach, rapidly obtaining new accounts and continuing to be instrumental in growing turnover."

David Kennedy 
Proctor & Gamble Australasia

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