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Dear fellow Salon Owner & Managers,

Tell me...

Is it FINALLY the time that you NEED TO KNOW how to rise above the throng of AVERAGE salon owners, FREE YOURSELF of the never-ending merry-go-round of LOW-INCOME salon ownership,  and join the TOP 3% of money-makers in your industry?

Because... if NOW is the time for you to stop being an amateur (and I DON'T apologise for saying 'amateur, because in my 35 years of owning multi million dollar salons and salon chains, I know that the difference between a salon owner who is serious about making money and one who is not), I'm going to show you that there IS a way where you can get MORE clients than you will ever need, make more MONEY than you ever thought possible, motivate your staff so they perform like they never have before, and start creating the life that you thought was... well... just a dream.

Most Problems Can Be Solved And More Dreams Can Be Realised With MORE Money! Wouldn't You Love to Know How To REALLY Make MORE MONEY From Your Salon So You Can Solve All Your Money Worries And Live The Life Of Your Dreams?

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Look, I know what it's like to feel like you're just TREADING WATER in your salon business, barely making ends meet, living almost hand to mouth, while your staff get paid EVERY WEEK no matter how they perform or whether clients come in or not.

Do you find yourself worrying about the salon MORE than you worry about yourself or your family - simply because the salon isn't providing you with enough MONEY to take care of the people and things that you value most, and the WORRY of it is always in your mind?

Is this whole 'salon business' thing STRESSING you out?

Are you worried about the future? Wondering when all the stress, frustration and worry will end? Will it ever end??

Are you unable to take any decent TIME OFF because your takings will NOSE-DIVE or the salon will become a shambles if you're not there?

Are you one of those people who do most of the things yourself because “If I Don't Do Them They Don't Get Done Correctly!"? You can't trust your staff to do ALL the things that need to be done in the way that they should be done?

You worry about the empty spaces in your appointment book, and it's always right when you really need the money to pay for bills and things - but not enough clients means not enough $$$ is coming in?

If you really want...

MORE clients
MORE money
MORE time off
LESS stress
LESS worry
LESS frustration

to turn your staff into Income Producing MACHINES...
then you need to STOP taking advice from AMATEUR Salon Business 'Coaches' who are in-fact DOING YOU MORE HARM THAN GOOD and follow the salon business Coach that has created more Million Dollar Salons than ALL the other salon 'coaches' and 'experts' on the planet put together!

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Look, here's the


Unfortunately MOST of the salon business advice, salon marketing, coaching, manuals and spiels that you have ever heard, read or seen regarding salon business is total B.S.!!

Sorry to tell you that. But it's true.

You see, most of the self-professed salon 'experts' and 'coaches' out there providing you with all this drivel have either NEVER owned a salon before (let alone multiple salons), or...

if they have - they don't anymore, or...

are providing you with outdated, generic, B.S. information that has long-passed it's 'use-by' date!

These people are typically making their money from YOU... NOT from a salon business.

And here's the rub...

If the marketing spiels of '"How to make $35,768 selling salon gift vouchers in one day' or the '1 Salon promotion can make you $79,569 extra in just two weeks!' or "How to get 655 new clients with just 1 flyer!" truly work - then why don't they put their 'coaching' where their mouth is and run their own multiple salons making millions of dollars like mine do???

I mean, if their systems, marketing and manuals really do what they say, why don't they just get a salon of their own and make the money??

I think that’s kinda weird, don’t you? I mean if it was as easy as they make-out… why don’t they do it too??? It doesn’t make sense.

Well, as Judge Judy says…

"If it doesn’t make sense... it’s just not true!”

From my own 35 years of experience in creating multiple multi-million dollar salons and salon chains (I still do by-the-way), and having seen or dealt with these 'coaches' myself, I have found overwhelmingly that the information that is spruiked by these salon 'experts' is either ripped-off from my own old workshops, seminars and manuals that I created way back in the 1990's & early 2000's (I mean, just do a google search and you'll find salon 'coaches' even ripping-off the NAMES of my seminars, let alone all my old content!) or...

are all-hype no-substance, or..

is basic, generalised salon marketing crap where the ‘coach’ relies on ‘newbies’ to take the place of the salon owners who have left their programs disappointed, or…

are generic business systems bent into a 'salon' shape, or...

are gathered from way-out-of-date manuals and 'myths' developed 60 years ago by salon 'pioneers', or… in the vast majority of cases...

just plain wrong!

Times have changed!


My information (information that is the most copied salon business info on the planet!) has changed (and not too many salon 'experts' who copy my material have had access to my current proven stuff... yet).

What TODAY'S Salon Owners Want Are…

TODAYS Solutions To The REAL Problems
That We Face In The Salon Business RIGHT NOW!!

And I have to tell you... I've faced probably EVERY problem in my 35 years of salon ownership that you are ever likely to face...

I've had the entire staff of a salon leave all on the same day and start working in the salon opposite the very next (with all my clients following them!). I've had landlords double and triple my rent overnight. I've endured theft, staff-sabotage, managers blackmail me for more money when my wife was in the hospital having my kids, client-stealing, employees undermining the business, staff stealing takings and products. I've had shopping centre's refuse to renew my lease, relocate me to the dead-ends of centres, make me pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to 'redecorate'.

I've been ripped off countless numbers of times... I've even had an entire salon business STOLEN fraudulently by a relative!! (that’s a story in itself!)

But by a tremendous amount of learning from mistakes (and in 35 years I've made a LOT of them!), a ton of sacrifice, studying business & salon-owner 'greats’ like a scientist, a bit of luck every now and again, as well as having an extraordinary WILL TO SUCCEED, I discovered the real DUCK'S GUTS of what it takes to REALLY SUCCEED in this industry - the pathway to TRUE salon success and a lifestyle most people would envy.

I know...cos I've done it, and continue to do it EVERY DAY!

And you can too!

But the really cool thing is that...

You Don't Have To Go Through What I Went Through To Learn All This!

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Who Says You Can’t Buy Experience?? I can GIVE IT TO YOU ON A PLATTER… without the cost, heartache, time and distress it took me to find the answer to salon and life success.

You can get this in just 1 day with me. I've fought the fight so that you don't need to. It took me 35 years of salon ownership to get to this - but you can get the Secret Sauce in just one day!

I can show you how.

You just need to learn from someone who tells the truth and can LIGHT THE WAY for you!

You just need someone you can trust who has the REAL answer to your business success... and ultimately your own success and happiness.

Someone who has been, and continues to be, IN the game.

Someone who can actually WALK THEIR TALK.

Someone who LIVES AND BREATHES salon business success.

Neil McCallum CPCS International Speaker, Author, Trainer, Consultant
Neil McCallum CPCS International Speaker, Author, Trainer, Consultant
My name is Neil McCallum - International Speaker, Consultant, Author & CEO and founder of Million Dollar Salon and Salon Experts Academy. I've created and built multiple Million Dollar Salons and salon chains in my 35 years in the industry. I still do. And I very rarely share my salon success strategies with public salons anymore, simply because I've been busy teaching salon success to huge international salon chains, as well as enjoying the life and freedom that I've created.

But because I am so sick of all the crap STILL being offered out there by these salon 'experts' and 'coaches', I've decided to STICK IT UP THEM and give you something that they have NO IDEA about - The REAL way to Salon Success today... and I’ve included a BONUS That NO-ONE HAS EVER OFFERED THAT Will KNOCK YOUR ROCKS OFF (and Piss them off!)

And note...

I Have Not Shared these New & Proven Salon Money-Making Strategies, Methodologies And Profit-Making Processes I've Created To THRIVE In Salon Business Today... Until NOW!

And quite frankly, I don't know if I'll ever offer them again.

But while I'm so nicked-off about the absolute crap that you've been hearing from the current crop of salon 'coaches' since I've ceased giving salon business advice and seminars, I want to...

Set The Record Straight And Give You The Real Deal of Salon Success

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Here's what I will do for you...

I will be facilitating a purely CONTENT RICH seminar soon in major cities and regions around Australia where I take you through the necessary changes you have to make to yourself, your salon and your business to put you on the road to success and happiness today.

There will be no 'hype', false promises or B.S... It will NOT be a sell-fest... The seminar is just PURE CONTENT designed to quickly and dramatically increase your revenues and make your salon and life much, much better.

A Seminar Of Content Rich, Comprehensive Salon Business Detail, Massive Note-Taking, Ah-Ha! Moments, Penny-Dropping, Salon Success Information That Will Leave You Exhausted But... Very, Very Happy And Itching To Get Back To Work ON Your Business!

I will be addressing specific things that are LITTLE KNOWN but ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED for you to create the true success in your salon business and life that you deserve including, but not limited to, things like...

SALON LEADERSHIP and PERSONAL MINDSET to create success and make it a habit - I teach you the REAL way to lead and manage your salon to prosperity, growth and profit that very few salon owners know. No-one else in Australia knows this technique but me! I show you how!
HOW GET MORE CLIENTS, keep them and create raving fans - You'll get the secrets that I use to get MORE clients than I need... WITHOUT SPENDING ONE DOLLAR ON MARKETING! This is worth a fortune!
HOW TO MAKE MUCH MUCH MORE MONEY from your salon business starting with just 1 little tweak - this is the crack in the dam wall that just gets bigger and bigger and soon you can't stop the money coming-in… even if you wanted to!
The 1 thing you must know TO MOTIVATE & TRULY ENGAGE your staff so they become HAPPY, MOTIVATED, INCOME-PRODUCING MACHINES! - So few salon owners really know how to instil self-motivation within their staff so that they continue to perform better, and better, and better, and make more money, without the leader having to constantly re-motivate them! You won't learn this anywhere else. I teach you how.
HOW TO GET OFF THE TOOLS but make even More Money so you can live the life you need and deserve - There is a little-known process that that allows you to extricate yourself from the everyday of your business no matter what your circumstance but continue to make more money. I will reveal this during the seminar, and so much more!
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I'll tell you more about your bonus shortly and you'll understand why it's a NO-BRAINER to attend this seminar... but before I do...

let me go into some more detail of what the seminar will give you.

You come to this salon success seminar expecting to be told the answer...

the 'key' to finally and consistently making the money you need and deserve out of your salon business...

the way to really get your staff performing as they should...

the tools to attract lot's more clients, as well as the 'glue' to keep them coming back...

the salon operations that make your business run profitably and growing, purring like a well-oiled machine...

You want to hear the real answer. Not hype. Not people claiming ridiculous B.S. just because they are super excited to be given a chance to talk B.S. to a bunch of unsuspecting salon owners.

You want a REAL total-content seminar with the stuff you crave to make your life and business the best it can be!

You want to know the truth...

the REAL truth.

Well, as the saying goes...

"When The Student Is Ready... The Teacher Appears"

I've taken 35 years to learn this.... fortunately you can get what Paul Scott describes as the "BEST SALON BUSINESS TRAINING ON THE PLANET" in just one seminar!

...the only thing you will have to do is Suspend Your Disbelief and open your eyes, ears and mind.

But be WARNED!

I'm not there to pat you on the back and hear any excuses why business is bad for you. Business is always bad for those that expect things to change without doing what is needed to be done.

I will challenge everything you think you know about salon business... and about yourself.

I will pull you up from wherever it is you are at the moment and hold a mirror up to you.

You may not like what you see...

You may not like what you hear...

You may not agree with everything I tell you...

It may very well go against everything you thought to be true about your salon business and your life...

It most probably WILL offend you!

But when you finally think about it... when the 'penny' drops during the seminar and that little light bulb above your head suddenly explodes into life and your mind starts racing and you madly start scribbling notes faster than you ever have before...

You will realise that...

You've Got It!

You see... if you REALLY want to make a gigantic leap from where your salon and life is right at this minute and get on the path to REAL success and happiness, then...

you need to be exposed to a truth that SHOULD make you question EVERYTHING that you are currently doing.

For things to change you must do different things. To paraphrase Einstein-

"The Definition of Insanity is Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again and Expecting A Different Result"

So to get a result that is WILDLY DIFFERENT from what you are currently experiencing you must do things differently.

So I will expose you to those actions, habits, behaviours and beliefs that you desperately need to adopt in order to create a wildly successful salon and live the life of your dreams.

It is actually very simple, but it may not be easy.

I won't pull any punches.

I don't take any prisoners.

I promise you that I will tell it like it is.

The truth.

Then you can do with it what you will.

It's going to be a BIG SEMINAR for you!!! Probably the GAME-CHANGER that will change your whole life!

I hope you will join me.

Below are the dates for our upcoming seminars. THESE SEMINARS WILL BOOK OUT!

Spaces are limited so act swiftly to avoid disappointment.

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Now this seminar is a CRACKER! And I want to give you every opportunity to pick my brains, so I will be answering questions for another hour after the seminar to ensure that we cover the things you need. I thought that this would be a great BONUS for you when you come to my seminar.


And here's the good news...

Your investment for the Salon Experts Academy No B.S. Salon Business Seminar, that comes with a BONUS 1 hour Q & A session so I can address your urgent concerns, will pleasantly surprise you.

I decided to make it really affordable to give you the opportunity to get the truth about salon success at a price that is easily affordable...

So, how much would you pay for information that could quickly double, triple or quadruple your salon takings?

What about if this seminar could increase your takings by 387% in 3 months - that's nearly four times whatever you are taking right now - like it did for Nick Manfield's staff?

How much would that information be worth to you?

The Salon Experts Academy Seminar is an investment of $249 for the seminar itself PLUS another full hour of Q & A where I answer your most pressing questions!


It truly is liberating when you are not worried about money any more...

To be able to go wherever you want, when you want, with whomever you want, for as long as you want...

with the calm and secure knowledge that you can afford it... with ease!

You can start to really enjoy life again...

and get your PASSION back... for everything!!

It can be a FANTASTIC life if you want it to be!

So right now...

You have 3 choices...

1: You can nothing and nothing will change – you’ll still stress about money, your staff will still frustrate you, you will still worry about the lack of clients when you need them most, you and your family will still not be able to live the life you need and deserve – none of which is acceptable and certainly no way to live!

2: You can go to ‘Community College’ by going to the salon 'experts' and 'coaches' out there who make their money from people like YOU entering (then quickly leaving) their programs and NOT from DOING what they coach themselves, and get their ‘advice’, pay them a membership or 'coaching' fee every month, attend one of their limp ‘salon business seminars’, buy one of their old generic ‘salon manuals’, or any of the things they offer that is designed to get as much money out of YOU as they can without actually showing you how to create a truly profitable growing business and a beautiful life, or...

3: You can go to ‘Harvard’ by saying YES right now to attend the GOLD STANDARD of salon seminars and change your business and life FOREVER!

And look, 12 weeks from now you could just be 12 weeks older with the same old problems, frustrations and worries that you have now promising yourself that “one day” you will actually get stuck into your business and your life and make it work… but who will show you how then? There’s very little in the way of REAL & AUTHENTIC, PROVEN, RESULTS-DRIVEN salon business seminars out there.

Seminars like this one are like hens-teeth, and very rarely available. But now is your chance!


If I had the opportunity to pick the brains of a wildly successful 35 year SALON BUSINESS EXPERT when I started out and had the SENSE OF MIND to recognise the INCREDIBLE VALUE of such a move - I would have done it in a heartbeat! (Sadly there wasn’t anyone like that 35 years ago… and I doubt I would’ve recognised the opportunity back then anyway).

And keep in-mind, your investment is the value of just 1 or 2 clients. After the seminar you could make that back in half a day! Half a days’ clients for a lifetime of business success??...

That’s like OWNING the goose that lays the Golden Eggs!!

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So… how do you think you are going to feel if you miss-out on this seminar? Afterall, I don’t know whether I will repeat it. The problem is… you don’t know what you don’t know. And if you are anything like 97% of the hard-working but struggling salon owners out there, most likely you are not even aware of those things that can make you wildly successful and happy. You just haven’t been exposed to those things, and typically you just keep grinding away HOPING (fingers-crossed) that things get better.

But right now you have access to the SHORTCUT to the salon business and life that you’ve dreamt about – but ONLY if you see the opportunity that is before you.

What will happen if you don’t go?

Well, things will pretty-much stay the same.

The stress will remain.

The frustration won’t go away.

You will still be ON the tools, with no REAL STRATEGY as to how to get OFF them permanently.

Your holidays away will be ‘closer to home’ and a few years apart– No Paris, Swiss Alps or New York for your family twice a year, no – just maybe a camping trip or something that doesn’t cost a lot.

And the money worries will just get more intense, and probably require MORE drinking to numb the thought of it all!

Wouldn’t it be great if you came to the seminar and you left with the tools and thinking required to CHANGE EVERYTHING??? And when you implemented those things everything DID CHANGE – for the better?

How would that make you feel?

Imagine what your family and friends would think when you are rich, savvy and successful with a wonderful and carefree look, attitude and demeanour.

What would it be like to make a LOT MORE $$$ IN YOUR POCKET the very next week you attended the seminar?

What if your client numbers doubled? Tripled? Quadrupled???

What if you then created a team using the skills you learnt at the seminar that out-performs the best expectations you ever had?

And what if that team does it week-in week-out EVEN WHEN YOU’RE NOT THERE??? You DIDN’T HAVE TO GO TO WORK to still make a ton of money???

What sort of life would that give you?

What would that mean to your family, your kids, your friends even? Would they be envious?

Where would you live? What sort of house would you buy? What cars? Where would you holiday? What other investments would you make?

The potential is amazing.

I urge you not to miss this unique seminar. Besides, the Q & A that you get access to as a BONUS for attending could be worth everything to you as a salon owner, so you have NOTHING TO LOSE!... except maybe your anxiety and suffering that you are experiencing due to your stressful salon business.

You see, fortune favours the bold. It doesn’t favour those who delay action. The business and salon owners that I mentored who went on to become WILDLY SUCCESSFUL took action when it wasn’t convenient for them. Nor did they wait till the time was right. And nor did I for that matter… that’s how I became a success also.

You can too.

It’s time you started living the life.

Join me.


I look forward to seeing you!


Neil Signature

Neil McCallum CPCS
‘The Salon Doctor’
International speaker, Author,
Trainer, Consultant, Multi Salon Owner

Founder - Salon Experts Academy


phone: 1300 773 257

P.S. Not to put too fine a point on it but… these seminars are LIMITED and EXCLUSIVE. Who knows whether you will get the opportunity to discover these PROVEN secrets to creating the salon business and life of your dreams again. Secure your seat NOW before your competition does. This could be the GAME CHANGER that you've been waiting for!

P.P.S. Don’t forget, you get the 1 hour BONUS question and answer period immediately after the seminar. This session could give you the answer to your unique challenge that is preventing you from becoming wildly successful! Your decision to attend is really a no-brainer!

P.P.P.S THESE SEMINARS WILL BOOK BOOK OUT, so if you REALLY DO want to change your business and your life – Join Me!

Attention Salon Owner:

  • Are You SICK & TIRED that your salon business isn't giving you the MONEY and LIFESTYLE that you need... & deserve?

  • Does it WORRY you that you just don't have enough clients consistently coming-in that will help propel your income to WHAT IT NEEDS TO BE?

  • Do you get FRUSTRATED that your staff just can't perform well enough to make your life (and money-worries) easier?

  • Is it CONFUSING why your client numbers just aren't growing - You know that your salon is at least as good (if not better) than your competition, but you just can't seem to attract an ever-growing number of clients that put MUCH MORE MONEY in your till?

  • Is the STRESS, WORRY & FRUSTRATION of the salon making you feel EXHAUSTED, keeping you awake at night, or even making you sick?

Million Dollar Salon Mastery Will Be The LAST Salon Workshop 
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