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If Your Salon Is NOT Giving You the Money & Life You Want & Deserve, or You Need More Clients, or You Just Need To Know The REAL Way to Get Your Salon Business to help create the life of your dreams...then You MUST ATTEND the 3 hour NO B.S. Salon Business Seminar!

Since 2005 The NO B.S. Salon Business Seminar has provided salon owners and managers REAL proven & powerful salon performance, operational and leadership strategies to quickly get more clients, make more money, and dramatically improve staff performance...

Sometimes you need to be taken under someone's wing - someone who has the knowledge, experience and know-how - and be guided to your destiny of ultimate salon and life success.

You need someone who has 'where-the-rubber-meets-the-road' experience, someone who 'feels' your pain, and knows the TRUE path the success... because they have done it themselves! To help you achieve and realise the greatness that is within you. Million Dollar Salon Coaching and Mentorship may be for you...

If you are having some challenges with your staff not performing, or you aren't getting enough clients to pay the bills, or you are confused or frustrated as to how to make your salon provide you with the business and life that you deserve, then you may need salon-area specific coaching created uniquely for your particular situation.

Million Dollar Salon customised training can provide challenge-specific advice and coaching to address your unique situation...

For you to achieve the right solutions to the challenges that may affect you and your salon business, it is imperative that you firstly receive the correct diagnosis - that-is, getting to the bottom of what is REALLY going on.

After 35 years experiencing every challenge, issue and problem that any salon owner could possibly face, and creating the successful solutions to every one of them, Neil McCallum IS the Salon Doctor! 

Correct Diagnosis is The First Step...

The NO B.S. Salon Business Seminar

Salon Business & Life You've Always Dreamed About!

You Are 1 Step Closer to the 

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Million Dollar Salon is the OLDEST & MOST SUCCESSFUL Salon Success coaching on the planet. It is the HARVARD of Salon Success training, providing unparalleled Salon Leadership, Management, Salon and Staff Performance solutions that help transform ordinary salons into Wildly Successful Money-Making Machines. 

Since 1982 Million Dollar Salon has helped thousands of salon owners around the world create successful salon businesses and lifestyles with proven & tested cutting-edge salon business solutions, coaching, training, mentorship,and support.

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if you want to contact us about any salon leadership or performance issue or query please call (61)1300 877 325 or send us an email. If you would like to join the Million Dollar Salon mailing list and receive free salon leadership, management and staff performance strategies, training info and some really great stuff, just CLICK the YES! GIVE ME FREE STUFF! box!

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Million Dollar Salon



"All of Neil's presentations and his on-going facilitations have been incredible, revealing his profound knowledge of the link between performance and profit. It is no wonder that he is seen as an industry expert in his field, and as such, he is my first choice in business presentations and on-going facilitation." 

Paul Scott - State Manager Wella Australiasia

When you want to create a lasting impact at your event... 

you need a professional! 


Australia's ONLY Certified Professional Corporate Speaker - Neil McCallum CPCS - has shared the stage with some of the world's biggest names in professional speaking, including Brian Tracy (Author of 70+ business books) , Bob Proctor (Star of The Secret), Steve Siebold (World's foremost Mental Toughness coach), Don Yaeger (Editor Sports Illustrated) and many. many more. Neil is a Certified Professional Corporate Speaker, and has presented keynotes, seminars and trainings to some of the biggest organisations on the planet and tens of thousands of people...

  • Go behind the scenes and re-live the dangerous, downward spiral of a once down-and-out salon owner, then feel the exhilaration as he discovers the REAL methods of creating a million dollar salon.

  • Learn how to cash in on the undisclosed, off-the-record strategies of true Million Dollar Salon owners.

  • Send your client numbers through the roof with a simple strategy that will have your customers begging to refer you to their friends, family and work colleagues.

  • Discover the very first and on-going mistake that almost all salon owners make that literally costs them hundred’s of thousands of dollars in their first years, and probably millions of dollars in their lifetime – money that should otherwise be in their pockets!!

  • Use the little known secret of client attraction that ensures your salon business is constantly growing client numbers and revenue’s – a secret that 97% of salon owners don’t know and is keeping them from creating the life of their dreams!

  • Learn the  Million Dollar Salon BLUEPRINT that literally transforms your salon business into an automated, growing, income-producing machine that irresistibly attracts a steady stream of clients.

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