Whoa! Ok... need more time or information?

Look, I get it... sometimes at the last minute you get a little hesitant investing in something - you may need more information or maybe more time to think about it.


So if we can help in any way, if you need some more info or need to clarify something about what you will be getting when you register for this, the you can either send me an email directly at info@milliondollarsalon.com or you can give a call on (+61) 1300 877 325 and we'll endeavour to answer any question you may have about this service. So... contact us!


We don't want you to do anything that you are even the slightest bit 'iffy' about! We will be honest, upfront and transparent about anything you need to know! Afterall, one doesn't get to remain respected in business at the top-level for 35 years if they're not doing the right thing!

Let us help you! Contact us!

Thank you!!

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